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About Us

Meet our fantastic team

Sahil Ebrahim

Rafeeq Cariem

Thando Siyengo

Abdul Kabir Govender

Jaquin Apollis

Riezwaan Hakim

Ridah Hendricks

Nazir Adams

Bjorn Hartnick


PES Society, like other eSports clubs is constituted as an association. The Executive Committee meets a minimum of twice a month, and requires a full report. Please find the constitution here.


PES Society was constituted in 2013, however, it was not until November 2019 that the PES Society committee was formally announced.

Why Pro Evolution Soccer?

PES is the game of choice because it brings you closer to the real deal. Its attention to game physics, player movement, and overall gameplay is unmatched. The ability to play the ball exactly how you envisage in your mind out onto the virtual pitch is uncanny. PES is by far the closest you will get to having players do exactly what you want them to in a football game. 


Brief History 

PES Society was started in 2013. When the organization started, the goal was just to host Pro Evolution Soccer tournaments due to a lack of them in and around Cape Town. We wanted to show PES players that there is actually a platform for Pro Evolution Soccer players to compete on. We wanted players to not only compete, but also be a part of PES Society. The goal is to do more within – and outside – the gaming community, to show the positive impact gaming is making in society today.


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